Hi, my name is Almira

I’m a designer with a focus on visual, brand, and marketing design. With design, my mission is to help elevate and utilize brands through effective design implementation via marketing initiatives, all while crafting genuine experiences for target audiences.

My love for design, learning, and storytelling is something I consistently strive to implement in my work.




Unveil your brand's essence through a meticulous blend of imagery, messaging, and strategy. Crafting identities that resonate and endure.


Designing experiences that captivate users from the first click. Intuitive interfaces that lead to seamless interactions.


Translating visions into dynamic digital solutions. From responsive websites to interactive applications, driving innovation..
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
web Design

Workflows.sh Brand Design

Workflows.sh is a sub-brand of CTO.ai intended to establish a brand that resonates with open-source workflow communities across diverse cloud platforms and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) frameworks 
Brand Design
Marketing Design

Open Source Summit 2023 Booth and Merchandise Design

Open Source Summit North America is an event focused on open-source technologies for developers and tech teams by the Linux Foundation. CTO.ai was present as a Silver Sponsor
Web Design

CTO.ai Web Design Projects

A curated collection of web design projects that I had the privilege of spearheading for various projects and initiatives during my time working at CTO.ai
Visual Design
Brand Design
Marketing Design

CTO.ai Visual and Brand Design

A curated collection of visual and brand design projects that I had created for various marketing and administrative initiatives during my tenure at CTO.ai
Visual Design
Motion Graphics
Web Design

CTO.ai Insights Launch Campaign

CTO.ai launched a new feature of the Developer Control Plane, Insights: real-time product delivery insight for development teams. To promote this new feature, we shared Insights with the world on Product Hunt
UX/Ui Design

Recognize: A platform for applicants of Canada’s Express Entry Process

Canada's merit-based Express Entry system, the path to immigration and permanent residency for skilled workers is known to be meticulous and houses no room for error for its applicants, creating a challenging gap
Publication Design

Form and Function Book

A collection of essays on typography and grids by 3 giants of the design world: Karl Gerstner, Josef Muller-Brockman, and Jan Tschichold, this publication brings them together to create a guide on what they have to say on design and their principles
EPUB Design

things that keep me up at night

An experimental digital publication on the internal monologue of a restless mind unable to sleep
I am passionate about developing projects that can create an emotional connection to their audiences, and whether it is digital or physical, I find that the potential to connect exists within every idea.
I believe in a narrative and purpose-drive approach to design. As a naturally curious person and avid learner, I always strive to find unique and efficient solutions to problem spaces.

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"Exceptional. That's Byte. They turned our vague ideas into a brand that feels truly 'us.' Their design aesthetic is unparalleled, and their ability to communicate our message through visuals and words is remarkable. We're not just satisfied; we're thrilled!"
John Doe
CEO, Google
"Collaborating with Byte was a revelation. Their comprehensive marketing strategy breathed new life into our business. From captivating social media campaigns to compelling copywriting, their expertise led to a surge in engagement and revenue. Working with them was a game-changer."
John Doe
CEO, Google
"Byte's dedication to detail is unmatched. They meticulously crafted our brand, capturing our ethos flawlessly. Their approach is not just creative, but strategic. The result? A website that's not only stunning but also user-friendly. Their team's professionalism and commitment set them apart."
John Doe
CEO, Google

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